1/72 Monogram B-52

Gallery Article by Fernando Torre


I thought that maybe I should send in some pictures of my Monogram B-52 ...

It usually sits in the back of my display case, propped up against the wall behind four glass shelves full of planes.  It dwarfs everything else, and when someone comes to my house and sees my display case for the first time, they always ask the same question "Is that one the same scale as the others?"


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I was going to add extra details, and such.....until I started it!  Then I realized what a bear it was going to be.....so out of the box it was!  When I think back to all those years ago ....my arm still hurts from holding the damn thing up while I was painting it!

It only comes out for dusting every three years or so....ZAPPED! 

Now if I could only find the courage to finish my B-36 with is even Bigger!.

Fernando Torre


Photos and text by Fernando Torre