1/32 Nakajima Ki-44- Shoki (Tojo) Prototype ‘47th Impendent Flight Company’

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Product Article by Dave Johnson on the Aug 16 2010


1/32 Nakajima Ki-44- Shoki (Tojo) Prototype ‘47th Impendent Flight Company’

Limited Edition SeriesProduct #08205  (http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG08205)

Nakajima built a total of 1,225 Ki-44 Shoki (meaning "Demon Queller" and codenamed "Tojo" by the Allies) of all versions, including prototypes. Development of the Ki-44 began in 1940 as a dedicated interceptor designed to a Japanese Army Air Force specification for a high speed platform with a good rate-of-climb. When introduced into service the high landing speeds and limited maneuverability of the Shoki made it unpopular with most pilots. The Ki-44-II Otsu was introduced with a much heavier armament, comprising four 20mm cannon or, alternatively, two 12.7mm machine-guns and two 40mm cannon. Most Ki-44 Shoki’s were deployed in Japan for home defense against the Allied advance in the Pacific. Their heavy caliber armament did, however, proved to be mightily effective against the American Boeing B-29 Superfortresses bombers. A few were used to provide a force of interceptors to protect vital targets in Sumatra.


This Limited Edition release from Hasegawa of the Ki-44- Shoki (Tojo) Prototype ‘47th Impendent Flight Company’ is the latest release from Hasegawa’s tooling of the 1/32 release of the Ki-44II Hei that was released during July 2009 and followed up with the 40mm Cannon Otsu version. Molded in 159 gray plastic parts and 14 clear plastic parts this highly detailed kit will be a hit built straight from the box with all modelers at any level. This kit includes most of the parts that is required to build the later versions that had been release previously. New parts that are supplied with in the kit are the early type of propeller spinner, landing gear covers, blanking off plates in the landing gear wheel wells, cowl and a new upper fuselage cowl, which features the earlier type of vents and grilles.

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There is excellent detail within the cockpit with 29 components making up the cockpit area. The only down side to the cockpit area is the seat with its lighting holes molded as dimples. These are pretty easy to drill out to make the seat look more realistic. Hasegawa also offers the modeler to paint the instrument dial faces with molded detail that is provided on the instrument panel or use decals supplied on the decal sheet. Also included is an outstanding plastic injected Pilot figure in a seated pose. The figure offers optional two heads, one with and one without an oxygen mask. The detail of this figure is up there with resin figure manufactures. If you are not planning to include the figure, shoulder and seat harness would be required weather it was built from scratch or an aftermarket item it would give it that finishing touch to the cockpit area.


The kit also features a nicely tooled Nakajima Ha.109 radial engine, which were also fitted to the Hi-49 (Helen) Bomber.  The engine builds up from ten parts (including the poly cap). The engine is only lacking some ignition wires to the cylinders; this can be added very easily with some wire or Photo Etch from an aftermarket source.


Exterior detail has been done very well with fine rows of fine rivets holes and exceptionally crisp engraved panel lines. Control surfaces are molded in place in the neutral position, but the “Butterfly” Flaps are separate and you can position these dropped or the raised position. Included is a pair of drop tanks and pylons for bombs, but the bombs are not included in the kit. Also included is an optional Fuel Cooler, These seem to be fitted during the summer months on the airframe. But these parts aren’t required for the prototype/early versions of the Shoki and have been marked not for use in this kit. However looking at reference books that I have on the Ki-44, there are photos that show a single drop tank fitted on the centerline of the fuselage, or a double drop tank setup the on the wings, so it would pay to check your references if you do plan to fit the drop tanks.



Decals supplied for the markings are for three aircraft of 47th Chutai or Independent Flight Company during January 1942, Saigon Air Field.


The markings are for the following - 

  • 47th Independent Flight Company, Major Toshio Sakagawa, January 1942, Saigon Air Field.

  • 47th Independent Flight Company 2nd Formation reader, Captain Susumu Jinbo, January 1942, Saigon Air Field

  • 47th Independent Flight Company 3rd Formation reader, Captain Yasuhiko Kuroe, January 1942, Saigon Air Field


I would recommend this kit to anyone at any modeling level. I have built the first release of the Ki-44 II Hei and currently building the Otsu with 40mm cannon version. The engineering and fit of this kit is outstanding and I have enjoyed both builds. Hasegawa should be very proud with their efforts and work that has gone into the design and production of the Shoki. I am looking forward to their next and future newly tooled 1/32 Aircraft releases.

Dave Johnson

I would like to thank the team at Hobby Link Japan for supplying this review sample.

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