Renaming photo file names 

Open Windows Explorer and select the folder holding your model photos.  In my example I have my model photos in a folder called Model Pics
Click on the image you want to rename.....this will highlight the file name
Click on the image name again......if you double click the file name quickly.....this will cause the image file to open in your picture viewing program.  So you want to click on it the second time after a pause of a second or so after you clicked it the first time
Type in the new file this case I've chosen to make this the first image in my article, so I'm naming it 01
To save the file name.....hit the enter button on your keyboard or use your mouse and click anywhere on your computer screen except on the file name you just changed.

Now rename your remaining images to fit the layout in the ARC article template.

Below are links to the templates to help you make up your article

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