1/48 Scratchbuilt Caudron C.60

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Caudron C.60, Venezuela Air Force
In early 1925, three Caudron C.60 training aircraft arrived in Venezuela from France. With these aircrafts, the French pilot Lieutenant Robert Guerin was hired, to be in charge of technical advice and flight instructions for the Caudron C.60.

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In April 1928, a crew of 3 Caudron C.60 airplanes made the first air navigation flight into the interior of Venezuela. The squad was commanded by Captain Robert Guerin and accompanied by two Venezuelan pilots Lieutenant Manuel Ríos (aircraft No. 2) and Sub-Lieutenant Vicente Landaeta (aircraft No. 3).

In 1929 these aircrafts were replaced by the Morane Saulnier MS-147.

This Caudron C.60 in 1/48 scale model, was totally home built (scratchbuilt), using wood materials (balsa); plastic styrene sheets of different thicknesses; 0.25 mm x 0.75 mm styrene strips; 0.18 mm nylon fishing line for the rigging; the paint used is acrylic and the decals were home made. Some pictures from the construction process are also shown.

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