LEGO Sopwith Camel

review by Steve & Amanda Bamford on Apr 1 2005


April Fools Day 2005


I received this LEGO kit as a gift from Ken Middleton.  With all the events that have occurred in my life in the past year.....I've been putting off building this very involved kit for quieter times.  But I thought it was time for a review and I'll add photos of the finished plane to this article once my young daughters and myself complete it.

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This kit contains a daunting 540 parts.....ponder that number.....over 500 parts!!!  The instruction book is 51 pages long!!!....this really is an instruction "Book".  There is also a selection os stickers for the wings and fuselage to finish up the kit when you've completed your hours of assembly.  I'm not sure of the exact size, but I suspect the wing span will be about 18". 

I didn't test fit the need.....we're talking LEGO quality here.....I know they will fit.  I plan to spend today building this kit with my daughters.

OK...we got this monster built.  I give most of the credit to my 8 year old.....we were planning on building this over 2 days....but she finished it off later in the evening while I was at work.

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I'm guessing the scale at about 1/20....and the wing span is about 19" and the cockpit detail includes an instrument panel, wicker seat and a control stick.

The attention to detail in the design was quite amazing.  For instance.....this LEGO Biplane comes with rigging......and the rigging actually helps to support the wings and hold everything together.

My girls (and myself) are now keen to buy all the big LEGO sets....looks like some quality time in the making as I ease them into scale model building.

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Thanks Ken.....I am deeply impressed!!!

Steve & Amanda

Photos and text by Steve & Amanda Bamford