1/32 MiG-29 Exhausts

For Trumpeter MiG-29 kit 

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 4 2020



These resin/photo etched exhausts from Zactomodels are designed for the big Trumpeter MiG-29 kit and these take the model to a whole new level of extreme detailing.  On a  jet, the exhausts stand out and get plenty of attention.  Zactomodels has stepped up to the plate in a very big way and delivers the quality of detail that you crave when you're building a 1/32 model.

There's an In-Progress thread on ARC


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You get 6 resin pieces and 2 photo etch pieces.  Four of the resin pieces are just templates to help you bend and form the delicate photo etch pieces to sheer perfection.  You get an inner and outer cone that fit inside each other with surgical precision.  Then there is the resin engine fan blade face with the fan blades and a delicate photo etch piece in front of the resin fan blade piece to truly give a look of delicate detail.  Dry brushing and creative painting will bring all this wondrous detail to life. 

There is one page of instructions with line drawings and text to walk you through the process.  This is a simple job as Zactomodels has thought out the design of this set to make things are as easy as possible for the modeller.

Resin casting is of a very high quality and all the detail is very well done with no air bubbles.  This new resin set from Zactomodels will permit modelers to take their 1/32 MiG-29 to the level most modellers only dream of.  

Does it get any better than this?.....yup it sure does....Zactomodels also has a correction set for the big MiG-29 from Trumpeter....come know you want to.  I foresee 1/32 becoming a very popular scale if Zactomodels keeps releasing detail sets. 

You can buy these directly from the Zactomodels website.

I would like to thank Chris at Zactomodels for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford