UGC Moderation Process

(User-Generated Content Moderation Process)

Here at ARC or Aircraft Resource Center and we are a community of scale modellers with a passion for history and the aircraft and other machines used in history, present time and into the future.  We are a family friendly site that caters to all ages of scale model builders and people with an interest in our hobby of scale model building.  The goal of ARC is to create a community to share our helpful tips and techniques and showcase our in-progress and finished models.  Because ARC is a family friendly website, there are limits on content that appears on ARC.

To keep ARC a family friendly community, no content is permitted that wouldn't be safe for a young child to view.  This is an HTML website so all content is reviewed by me before it goes on ARC to make sure the content is safe for a young child to view.  I proof read all content and check all photos to make sure it is all safe for the youngest viewer.

This also applies to the ARC Discussion Forums  Report any problem content on the forums and it will be removed by the moderating team and the member responsible will be either blocked for a time period or banned permanently.

Prohibited content includes

Photos and text that you do not own the copyright to.

No pornography, adult, or mature content

No dangerous or derogatory content including:

  • Threatens or advocates for harm on oneself or others;

  • Harasses, intimidates or bullies an individual or group of individuals;

  • Incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

No content promoting drugs or drug use or any other illegal or unethical activity.

Treat each other with kindness and respect...we are a friendly community.

Steve Bamford
ARC Owner

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