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Photo layout in your article

Here's a few basic guidelines about photos in articles that I live by and I would like you to to consider when putting together your article.

  1. Articles must start with a  large photo that is basically your best photo and shows the whole model.  The file name for this photo will be   01.jpg
  2. As a general rule, you can only have 2 full size photos in your article.  If you have a very large article with lots of "how-to" info etc about building your model...then 3 full size photos is possible.  All other photos will have to be the smaller click-able "thumbnail photos".  I must limit the number of full size photos in the article, so the article will open reasonably quickly for folks with the slower modem connections.  
  3. The second full sized photo in your article will be the second best photo you have of your model.  Name this photo  02.jpg   This can be a close-up photo or a photo  of the model from a different angle from photo 01.jpg
  4. Do not crop or resize your photos.  I will tend to all that for you.  I also digitally edit photos if necessary to remove scan lines and flaws in the background of your photos that can distract the viewers eye from the center piece of the photo (which is your model). 
  5. All other photos should be named    03.jpg    04.jpg    05.jpg    06.jpg    07.jpg   etc etc etc.  This will help me load your pictures quicker.  Long text file names for photos take more time to correctly load into an article.

All images should be in jpg format......most computers are set up not to show the jpg image file extension as you can see in the image to the right.  the image file name extension is shown in the red circle.

Below are links to the templates to help you make up your article

Click here for the Template for Gallery Articles
Click here for the Template for Review Articles
Click here for the Template for Model Show Articles
Click here for the Template for Walkaround Articles