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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 BaE Hawk, and his Hasegawa 1/48 F-86F Sabre by Mike Grant 

1/72 Italeri Hawk made into a Bae Hawk 200 by Mazlan Yusof

1/72 Italeri Hawk 100 using Mike Grant Decals by  Scott McTavish

1/72 Italeri Bae Hawk Mk. 53 Indonesian Air Force by Alexander Sidharta

1/72 Italeri Hawk 200 by Derek Heyes

1/72 Italeri Hawks 100's  by Todd Pomerleau

1/72 Italeri BAe HAWK Part 3  MK.100 SERIES TNI-AU Hawk MK 109 by Jer Wei

1/72 Italeri BAe HAWK Part 2  MK.100 SERIES TNI-AU Hawk MK 109  by Jer Wei

1/72 Italeri BAe HAWK Part1  MK.100 SERIES TNI-AU Hawk MK 109  by Jer Wei

1/48 Premier RAF Hawk T Mk1A by Darius Aibara

1/72 Italeri Bae Hawk Mk 108 by Thomas Ng

Strike Fighters of TUDM by Unicorn Teamwork group

1/48 Airfix Red Arrow by Stewart Griffiths

1/48 Airfix RCAF/NATO Hawk CT-155  by Darius Aibara

1/72 Revell BAe Hawk T Mk1 by Fabio Beato

1/72 Italeri BAe Hawk Mk.66 by Lucien Bosonnet

1/72 Italeri Bae Hawk RCAF (CT-155) by Rob Grootarz

1/72 Matchbox Red Arrow by Ming Zhan

30 years of British Aerospace Hawks by Shaun Bowman-Davies

1/48 Airfix Hawk Mk.53  by Alex Sidharta

1/72 Italeri Hawk T1A by Catherine Vickers

1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk T. Mk 1.  by Philip Jones

1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk 209 by Alexander Sidharta

1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk  Mk 208  by  Mazlan Yusof

1/48 Airfix Hawk Mk 108 by Brian Param

1/48 Airfix BAE Hawk by Chris McKee

1/72 Italeri Hawk Mk 100  by Polly Singh

1/48 Airfix Hawk T1  by Bill Clark

1/48 Airfix "Hawk" R.A.F Aerobatic team by Kairasp Daruwala

1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk  by Jan Harms

1/48 Premiere - TNI AU Hawk MK53 by Alex Sidharta

1/48 Airfix Hawk Mk 108  by David Chong

1/48 Airfix Hawk  by Victor Yong

1/48 Airfix BAE Hawk  by Leslie Choy

A "WHAT IF" 1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk  by Liam Hourston

1/72 Airffix BAe Hawk, DragonHawk  by Alan Thompson

1/72 Fujimi BAe Hawk  by Alan Thompson

"Fill’er UP"  by Nazaruddin Hashim

1/72 Italeri Hawk Mk 208 by Nazaruddin Hashim

1/48 Airfix Hawk Mk 108 by Aidy Abdullah

1/72 Italeri BAE Hawk T1a  by Paul Ryle

1/48 Airfix Hawk T1  by Karl W Branson

1/72 Italeri BAE Hawk Mk.100  by Franz Galli

1/72 Italeri BAE Hawk  by KH Lee

1/72 Italeri Hawk 108  by Mohd Amzari

1/48 Airfix Hawk Mk 108  by Nebuchednikov Nizam Rusli

1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk 127 LIF  by Artur Oslizlo 

1/72 Italeri Hawk t.1  by Dragan Cvetic

1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk Mk.127  by Patrick Vossenberg

1/72 Italeri Bae Hawk Mk100 (132)  by Murli Rajan

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