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In an effort to give regular contributors the ability to configure their own articles and save me badly needed time, I have created this submission system.  

This does not require ANY HTML knowledge.....just basic e-mailing skills. 

To the right is an image of an example of what your e-mail to me with your article should look like when you send it to me.

The goal here is to get you to layout your article and send me the layout with the photos in an e-mail format I can use.

DO NOT send your article in Word files....this creates more work for you and me and is a REAL pain for me to turn into a web page.

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Below are links that walk you through the submission is very simple...but the instruction will help you get it right.  Getting it right is very helpful.....if I save time I can do bigger updates.  

Below are links to the templates to help you make up your article

Click here for the Template for Gallery Articles
Click here for the Template for Review Articles
Click here for the Template for Model Show Articles
Click here for the Template for Walkaround Articles