Please include your ARC Discussion Forum Name with your submission

Using the ARC Template system to submit your article.

For submitting walkarounds click here

Below are links that walk you through the submission is very simple...but the instructions will help you get it right.  Getting it right is very helpful.....if you save me time, I can do bigger updates to give you more to enjoy.  

The above links have explained all about what you are to do to prepare your images. must rename your images to fit the templates or Steve Bamford will have no clue where the images go in your article.  Click on the links above for more info about renaming your images.

Now it is time to explain the ARC template system.  If you have 12 or less images, then it is very easy.  Let's assume I'm doing an article with 3 images and I've renamed the images to fit the ARC Template system.  I'll first open the Template #3 which is designed for 3 images.  

Click on images below o see larger images

I'll highlight all the text in this template below the red line as the instructions at the top of the template explain and hit copy.  
I then click on the e-mail link to Steve Bamford  at the top of the Template and paste this template text into my e-mail to Steve Bamford. 
Now I type or copy/paste the text for my article into the e-mail and attach my images to the e-mail and hit the "send" button on the e-mail to Steve Bamford.

Do not "insert" your images into the boxes in the body of the e-mail.....this erases the file names and cost Steve Bamford more time.....just send the images as attachments.

And that's it.

Below are links to the templates to help you make up your article

Click here for the Template for Gallery Articles
Click here for the Template for Review Articles
Click here for the Template for Model Show Articles
Click here for the Template for Walkaround Articles